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Related article: Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 14:12:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Van Essa
Subject: Experienced Roomate 1Experienced Roommate
by Van BlackLEGAL STUFF: If you are not of legal age, don't read
this story.
If it's illegal have this kind of material where you
live, don't read this.
This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
acts. If this offends you, do not read this. This
story is fictitious (kind of) and any similarities to
real events or people and strictly coincidental. Don't
call me if you think it is you. This story, or any
portion of it, may not be sold or distributed without
permission from the author. Contact listed below.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So here I was. My name is Colin and I was a freshman
in college at the time. First day in the dorm and
seriously worrying about the idea of living with a
roommate. I had always had my own room at home as I
had only a older sister to deal with. I had not even
had a sleep-over at anyone's house in high school.
Just stayed to myself a lot and like any other high
school age boy I beat off a lot. Now how was i going
to get around another guy sleeping in the same room.At home I had durty lolita pic gallery
found a number of ways to "amuse" myself,
shall we say, when my parents or sister Elaine were
not around. My computer was always handy to check out
the latest porn and I discovered a real attraction to
photos of girls sucking big cocks and got very excited
studying shots of ladies with huge dicks in their
asses. It looks so cool with assholes or lips
stretched to the max to pleasure the meat the men were
suppling them with. I never went looking for gay stuff
but when I would stumble upon it my tool reacted about
the same as to the women.I would little lolitas free tgp
spend an hour gently sliding my fingers up and
down my glassy shaft, like being in a dream world,
before I would get down to business and pump out a big
load. Throughout the internet explorations I would see
something hot and them see if I could simulate a bit
of that while I had my little jerkoff fantasies. One
night I saw of couple of chicks blowing some guy and
they were wearing really hot, silky looking nylon
panties. Knowing that Elaine had some similar stuff I
rummaged thru the laundry hamper in the bathroom
looking for something to enhance my mental image for
the evening.I hit paydirt right away. Red hipster panties and a
lacy bra. With the soft free lolicon hentai doujinshi
folds of nylon wrapped around
my dick and the lacy cups tickling my nuts as I
stroked I blew the biggest load of my life. Man that
was good. I washed them out myself and actually kept
them for future use and my sister never said anything.
Lucky for me.Anyway back to my new little black lolitas pussy situation. Away at college a
wondering what my new roommate would be like and how
much I would be able "meet my needs" with him around.
I was about to find out how easy that was.I got settled in early on Saturday before classes were
to begin and my roommate Kerry arrived a few hours
later. We made the brief hello's and who wants which
bed and which closet and all that stuff. Then he
headed out to meet up with so high school friends he
had been on the swim team with who were in another
dorm. He seemed nice enough personality wise and
appeared well constructed being a swimmer and all. I
was never into sports much but kept myself in pretty
good shape. There was not much to do a the moment so I
got busy helping some other guys move into their
rooms.Late in the afternoon having gotten a bit sweaty from
moving stuff returned to the room, stripped down, thru
a towels around and went to shower. I felt pretty
good, all the warm water and stuff, and I shaved my
nuts while I was there. I had started doing that when
I discovered how nice it felt to caress my sack when
there was no hair on it. My sensitive nuts really
liked that. With polished balls and the rest of me
wrapped in terry cloth I hustled back to the room.Time for a short nap I figured, before dinner and not
thinking much about Kerry walking in or anything I
just flopped on the bed face down and drew one knee up
into my typical sleeping position and fell promptly
asleep.When I awoke an hour or so later Kerry was folding
some clothes and putting them away.
I must have mumbled "oh shit" or something because
Kerry looked my way and said " It's cool Collin. Naked
guys don't bother me. On the swim team al 12 of us
were naked in the shower together so it is OK around
here with me." "You look worn out man. What have you
been doing?""Just moved some other into their rooms, felt really
tight and took a shower. The hot water must have
zonked me out.""It will do that". he said and moved over towards my
bed. "What is really good for all the tension and
stuff is a back massage. Our trainer in high school
showed us all how to give a good one and we often
helped each other out after a practice or a meet."
"Want me to show you?"I was nervous al hell. I had never had anyone rub my
back much less another guy but it did sound tempting.
"OK I'll try it but I will be honest. I am a bit
worried having never had one before."And so began my massage.Kerry first wandered over to the door and clicked the
lock. Maybe that was a good idea so no one could pop
in and then get the wrong idea about us. Then he said
he wanted to get comfortable first and took his shirt
off and lets his jean drop as well. I didn't want to
stare but I caught a glimpse as he walked over beside
me. Damn he had on one of those silky Speedo suits
under his pants. Reminded me of my panties that I had
stashed in my drawer for future use.Kerry grabbed a tube of hand lotion from the top of
his dresser drawers and sat down next to me on the
bed. I was flat on my stomach and he said to just
relax and he would get rid of my tension real quick.
When his warm hands first touched my skin I believed
him right away. It felt really nice just the palms
resting against my shoulder blades.Kerry moved his hands so that just the fingers were
pressing into my back and shoulder muscles and talked.
almost whispered, about the techniques the swim
trainer had shown him. Every now and then I felt his
silky smooth, speedo covered hip brush against my butt
cheek as he stretched over my back to reach all of the
right places.With his thumbs doing little circle at the base of my
neck Kerry's strong fingers would work the shoulder
muscles. Slowly he would descend my back with the
thumbs working along the back bone and his other
finders kind of dancing over my ribs. I had my eyes
closed and was just lost in the experience and was
loving every stroke.At the bottom, just above my ass he would lover his
palms, lean into it and press them so slowly up my
smooth back. I think he liked that I have almost no
body hair with what there is being very fine and soft.
Looking back I guess I am a good feel. Each time his
palms came against me I wanted him to go a little
lower. It was like my ass cheeks were horny and needed
attention soon.After a while said, "Kerry that is so good. If you
want to go down a bit lower it durty lolita pic gallery would be even better."
To which he responded. "Colin are you sure no one has
given you a massage before?" "Nope, never. Nobody ever
touched me but you sure are good at this and I like it
a lot." "Don't stop".The next rip down my back his palms dropped on the top
of my ass cheeks and I started to get a hardon
immediately. I couldn't believe a guy was making me
stiff as a brick rubbing my back this way. Next pass I
whispered "Lower" and Kerry responded with a quite
"certainly sir, I would be glad too".A few more strokes and Kerry stopped fooling with the
back and just got into massaging my cheeks. It felt so
good. I could almost feel in my fingers what he had in
his. This was too good and I was wondering if I was
gay just because I like what he was doing to me. Maybe
we should super lolitas teen free stop before I wet the sheets."I don't know if I can take much more Man." "All of me
is so relaxed except for the fact that I getting a bit
uncomfortable under here, If you know what I mean.""Sure do! It happens a lot. Just go ahead and adjust
yourself if yo need it and then I will finish up. It's
the best part"I reached under myself and moved my cock to vertical
instead of tied in a knot like it was. I was careful
being afraid I would come if I touched it. "OK, its
cool now."Kerry repositioned so he was kneeling over my right
leg and I could feel the silkiness of the Speedo
fabric against my thigh as he moved back and forth
getting settled. Each little brush of that nylon
covered bag of balls brought me closer. Maybe I was
queer. I was sure getting off on this Man to Man
service.Kerry took the super lolitas teen free hand cream which until now he had not
used, and rubbed a dollop in his hand to warm it.
SLAP, with force his palms hit my buns. "This is the
good part." Kerry said. Then his palms rotated slowly
just brushing the surface of my smooth ass. A little
more pressure each time around until the up strokes
were pushing my cheeks as wide as they would stretch
and the down stroke pressed the tightly together."You like that don't you?" Kerry questioned. I just
purred a little. "Everyone does, especially the first
time. It gets even better.""If it was any better i would wet the bed dude." " Go
ahead. We were trying to relieve the tension weren't
we?"The next few pressing, gripping passes over my butt
cheek went all the way to the top of my thighs and
Kerry's thumbs seemed to glide up my crack lubricated
by the hand lotion. I had to admit it feel really
good. Then it got nicer! HIs thumbs paused right next
to my hole and the right one proceeded to start making
little circles around and around my pucker. The next
time dark russian lolitas kds he paused longer. Round and round, pressing
inward, stretching outward. I unconsciously started to
wiggle my ass and raise up a bit to meet his talented
thumb. Then thumb's' as both of them got into the act
or maybe I should say into my ass."You are pulling my asshole open!""Yes and you love it don't you?""But I have never...""Just relax and enjoy the trip Dude." I did and a
second later Kerry's left thumb went up my ass. All of
it, Inside. hot asian lolita pics
Rotating slowly, stretching gently, More
More. I wanted it deeper and could not believe how I
liked it.Kerry rotated his hand so his fingers could tickle the
spot between my balls and my asshole as he pushed his
thumb as deep as it would go. Then his left knee that
was between my legs pressed hard against my butt and
his talented ball tickling, thumb fucking hand pushing
as deep as it could possibly go.I exploded, I screamed, I came all over the place. I
was having the most intense cum ever from my new
roommate thumb fucking my virgin butt. Oh shit this
was amazing. Me heart must have been going at a
thousand beats per minute and the cum kept nude preteen lollipop girls pumping out
by what seemed like the quart.While Kerry kept his thumb still he pushed a few more
times with his leg as I moaned about how amazing this
was. As I cooled down just a bit and my sanity started
to to return I thought about Kerry's needs and asked
if he was cool.He pulled away just a little bit and told me he would
be soon if I didn't mind him against me.
Mind it, Hell I would encourage it at this point.
"What ever you need."He moved centered between my legs and pushed his
Speedo down letting his aching cock spring forth. I
couldn't get a visual reference but as he leaned
forward his little lolitas free tgp
meat brushed my crack first and then
settled between the welcoming cheeks. Buns still
slippery from the hand cream allowed his cock to slide
comfortably back and forth. I was getting dry humped
and loving it.First Kerry kept all of his weight on his arms and
just let his prick glance up and down the crack. Soon
he let more of himself down against me and my cheeks
were spread and filled with more of the hot cock.A few minutes of this and Kerry moaned "Oh Shit, I am
about to blow!" "Here it comes."
"Oh it feels so good. You have the best ass ever
Colin." "Here goes !"I could feel the blast traveling up his prick.
Amazing. Then a hot, hot stream the the top of my
crack up my back. He raised up a bit. Another shot.
Three more and then it was over. Still face down on
the bed I was glowing and completely worn out.Kerry lifted up a bit and ran his fingers over me a
bit more. Then he descended and, I could not believe
it, proceeded to lick most of his own cum off of my
back. He got off the bed and stood beside it telling
me to roll over. What next. I couldn't take any more
at the moment but I did comply and flipped over.In a flash Kerry pressed his mouth to mine, used his
tongue to push my lips aside and deposited most of his
cum load into my mouth. He held my head so I had not
choice and proceeded with a minute long, cum flavored,
french kiss. 30 seconds into it I decided that i like
it and returned the enthusiasm. Kissing a guy wasn't
too bad and I had found a new flavor I liked...CUM.!Maybe I was gay. I had just experienced being a bottom
and liked it a lot. I'll admit to being bi right now.What a massage!Next...the flip side.Comments? Love to here from fans.
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